Electric Bass

instr 11

;; Author: Enhus – The Csound Catalog.

;;Csgrouper param recognition
; CSGF=3:dur=1; CSGF=4:amf=8000; CSGF=5:fq1=5.07; CSGF=6:rvs=0;
; CSGF=7:atk=0.02; CSGF=8:rel=0; CSGF=9:pan=0.504

idur = p3;
iamf = p4;
inote = cpspch(p5)
irvbgain = p6
iatk = p7
ipan = p9

k1 line 2500,idur*.8,1500
k3 line 6000,idur*.5,500 ; RES SWEEP
k2 linen k3,.08,idur*.5,.5

a1 oscil iamf*0.40,inote*0.998-.12,326
a2 oscil iamf*0.40,inote*1.002-.12,323
a3 oscil iamf*0.40,inote*1.002-.12,326
a4 oscil iamf*0.70,inote-.24,323

amix = a1+a2+a3+a4
a6 butterlp amix,k2,20 ; INPUT, FREQ, Q
a8 butterlp (a6),k2,20
a9 butterhp a8,65
a10 butterhp a9,65
a11 butterlp a10,1000
aenv linen a11,iatk,p3,p8

outs aenv*ipan,aenv*(1-ipan)

garvbsig = garvbsig+(aenv)*irvbgain



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