Below some utilities in Perl, to modify or process any file containing Csound i-statements. In some cases these are bits of code that will be included in Csgrouper in a future stage.


This program can be used to reorder i-statements by start times and by sections.


This program can be used to replace a given param in i-statements. The replacement-string can be literal or operate arithmetically on the previous value (e.g., ‘4.03’ or ‘*2’).


This program can be used to replace the start time and duration of i-statements   i2 by the corresponding values in the score of i1.

[ WARNING: csensemble.pl doesn’t respect sections’ boundaries, on multi-sections scores, it is required to treat each of them in a separate file.  Moreover, this tool is apropriate for Csgrouper whose tracks are monophonic sequences, and where we need sometimes to make chords out of several sequences. In any other normal piece, with chords already made, this will not work as expected. Neither can we use this tool if we have attributed the same instrument to several different sequences.]


This program can be used to test your soundfonts and record some comment about each one of them.


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