For all users:

Csgrouper won’t start unless all the Perl modules mentionned in csgrouper.pl, plus Mouse which is required by Csgrouper modules, are installed on your system (cf. Cpan).

Since Version 0.7

As the sections are now dispatched in a new table of the ‘Structure’ tab, old Csgrouper setups must be modified by copying the old sections field into various rows in the Sections table; they also  have to be saved once under the new format to remove the obsolete container.

For Windows users:

Windows users must set the variable Wintest to 1 in csgrouper.pl.

Unfortunately until now, I didn’t have much time to test Windows settings. It is possible that Windows users meet problems, namely in playing or rendering, or opening a new project window, everything that requires launching a terminal window. This could be due to some errors in Csound parameters passing, in this case an experimented Windows user can correct the Windows terminal commands in csgrouper.pl (e.g. subroutine csd_play()). Thank you to warn me back if you meet any kind of problem using Csgrouper on Windows.


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